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New Thought Classes


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Spiritual Counseling / Confidential Spiritual Treatment Available

New Thought Classes from a Variety of great New Thought Teachers

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Daily Wisdom from both Classic and Contemporary New Thought Writers

Great New Thought Talks to support your journey


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has a proven track record of giving to New Thought through insightful work processing New Thought Texts for the free online public New Thought Library. As well as supporting other New Thought ministers around the globe via the Universal New Thought Network.

Rev. Camille Bennett

Camille Bennett also has a Divine Journal which is another wonderful resource that supports New Thought Seekers and Sharers. It changes daily.

Each day, Camille Bennett explores a different quote from a seminal New Thought author.

Read Camille Bennett's Divine Journal to gain unique insights into New Thought Ancient Wisdom.

If you prefer to listen, go to Camille Bennett's Audio Archive of talks.

Read more about Camille Bennett's ministry in Florence, Alabama at livingspiritchurch.org


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When coming to a New Thought Center, you will find:

  • warm and welcoming people;
  • a participative Sunday Seminar;
  • a sacred space for prayer;
  • support for you wherever you are on your spiritual path;
  • inspiring messages;
  • Spiritual Directors who listen;
  • high-quality, contemporary, high-energy music ministry;
  • children are welcomed;
  • a variety of fun, engaging classes, workshops and activities;
  • a center that is constantly evolving, learning and transforming as you evolve, in a loving process in a compassionate community.

Too far away to drop in?

I am grateful for your presence via the internet and want you to know know:

There are New Thought Centers around the globe.

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We are not affiliated with United or International CSL, or with Unity, DivineUnity, UFBL or Divine Science. We serve all New Thought Communities regardless of their affiliation or independence.
We serve all Science of Mind & Religious Science Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.
Serving New Thought provides support to all New Thought Centers regardless of their independence or affiliation.

New Thought Classes

New Thought Classes

New Thought Classes are a wonderful way to enhance your spiritual journey through a variety of New Thought Instructors from around the globe. Connect with spiritual leaders in different New Thought traditions, take master classes with other ministers, or take basic classes and much more ...

These New Thought Instructors comprise a network of wonderful souls who are responsive to your needs. These mentors are givers, New Thought Sharers who have contributed to the growth of New Thought by adding books to the online New Thought Library, often you can listen to their talks on New Thought Streams or download them from their archives ...

Many of these Instructors have written exceptional insights to support your spiritual journeys which can be read each day at their respective DivineJournals

You can read their journals online by clicking the link on their personal pages

You can also request spiritual treatment from them, as well as spiritual counseling.

Many of these instructors give workshops and do talks around the world. Some belong to different denominations of New Thought, others are independent. All are part of the growing Universal New Thought Network and the New Thought University system, connecting seekers with sharers around the globe.

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New Thought Resources:

More New Thought News:

New Thought Social:

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or you can create your own New Thought Study Group

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Learn more about New Thought with Rev. Dr. Steve on New Thought Talk, Interviews with New Thought Leaders, writers and more...

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New Thought Study Classes

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take classes from a variety of qualified New Thought teachers around the world.


There are Seven Keys to Heaven here on earth, discover them today!

There are Seven Keys to Heaven here on earth, discover them today!



New Thought Library is the world's oldest and best public New Thought Library

New Thought Library is the world's oldest and best public New Thought Library



hailed as "hauntingly beautiful" and "a lyrical masterpiece" Divine Tao is a must for the Seeker or Sharer

hailed as "hauntingly beautiful" and "a lyrical masterpiece" Divine Tao is a must for the Seeker or Sharer



New Thought Streams.com - New Thought Streams provides wonderful audio downloads of New Thought Books and Talks for free!

Life is Continuous.
It proceeds from Divine Life, which is Good in all its manifestations.



A growing network of caring prayer practitoners to support you in times of need.

A growing network of caring prayer practitioners to support you in times of need.



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New Thought Classes
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questions: 505.216.NEWS

New Thought Classes are within the "New Thought Ancient Wisdom" tradition and thereby are metaphysical in nature. Classes are first and foremost certified by each instructor and then certificated through that instructor by various organizations throughout the New Thought movement.

One should understand that these classes are spiritual in nature and generally are not transferable to a regular state university. If you have any questions about getting credit through more than one institution, you should consult with your instructor.

Each New Thought Instructor is an individual and thus a unique expression of the Divine. The views expressed by any particular instructor may or may not be congruent with the views of Serving New Thought. The views expressed by any particular instructor do not reflect the views of Serving New Thought. The New Thought movement is a diverse movement with many denominations as well as independent ministries. The views expressed by any particular instructor are that Instructor's views, thoughts and opinions and not those of Serving New Thought.